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Updated: May 24

There are so very many sites that teach us who can be considered a Narcissist and what methods to use to tell. All of those sights offer valuable healing advice, as well. What I don’t see enough of is how the healing process feels.

How do I feel when I discover how many Narcissists are around me? How do I feel about going no contact? How do I feel about the damages that Narcissistic Abuse has created inside me?

Im not highly educated on this subject but I can speak to how I feel about all of these things as I’m going through the healing process.

I was born into a Narcissistic family and I certainly know first hand how that feels on a daily basis. I know that I felt stupid. I was demeaned by one or more Narcissists all day, every day.

I know how I felt when my world of Narcissists kept expanding. I know how I felt about removing these people from my life. I know how I want to feel, if and when, this healing process has an end.

From personal experience, I can speak to my chaotic mindset that has been created at the hands of many, many Narcissists.

I really want to speak to people who are living through this, as well.

Every day is different. Every day a new subject needs to be understood and tackled. I’m still finding out about these things as I push myself forward.

All I can promise is that I will keep pushing forward and I will use this blog as part of my therapeutic process. I will share with you my ins and outs. I will recover and I hope to take all of you with me.

I hear you,



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