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Updated: May 24

I am the published Author of a book called off the Dance Floor.

This book is the story of where I was, who I was surrounded by and the culmination of events that led me to a point where I just gave up.

I gave up on being surrounded by toxic people. People who I later learned were on the Narcissistic scale. I even learned that one was beyond that scale and dealing with a toxic personality disorder.

I continued to teach dance over the next several years. I taught wedding dance lessons. It was successful and rewarding until my life took a very different turn.

At that turn of events, I decided to write a book.

I will admit, because I was still riddled with anger, it is not my best work. I’m hoping that the content of these blogs will lend forgiveness to having worked through that anger while writing said book.

Writing was as therapeutic as I had hoped it would be.

From there, I have been on a mission to conquer, what I later learned to be, Narcissistic Abuse.

Through these blogs I hope to share my process and my progress and the obstacles along that trail.

It’s been a long slow climb, so far. I am not even near the end yet. I am, however, strong and determined enough to see this through.

Who knows, maybe this blog will end at some point or maybe I will continue to write it forever. If forever is how long this takes, it will, then, be, forever.

I hear you,



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