The last straw

Updated: Aug 17

I feel like it’s important for me, when I begin blogs such as this one, to offer my disclaimer first. I am not now, nor will I ever be, in a position to diagnose one person or another regarding narcissistic personality disorder. I can, however, say that, in my world, there are a great many people who fall into the various symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. I am then, by personal experience, able to make judgments about behaviors of people that might qualify as symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the narcissistic scale as outlined by Dr. Ross Rosenberg. M. Ed, CADC, LCPC, CSAT in his book, The Human Magnet Syndrome.

In this moment, I am in conflict with one of the people in my world who, quite likely, might have many of the qualities of a narcissist. This particular person keeps texting me lengthy paragraphs using so very many four letter words that no decent person would ever use to speak to any adult.

I have been in this persons life for the first, well, 25 years. Very recently, it has been made clear to me that I needed to move out of our apartment to get out of the way because they were ready to be on their own. This subject was not approached with the mindset that conveys the respect that I know I deserve.

In February of this year I made that happen. Not because I was intimidated but because I was frustrated with fighting a battle that, I know, I can’t ever win.

Throughout my process with healing from narcissistic personality abuse, I have learned things about certain other people that, if I’m honest, I wish I had never learned. I have learned them, nonetheless

This takes me back to my favorite quote

“The only way to win a fight with a narcissist

is to never fight at all.”

Now that I am distanced from that relationship, it has become clear to me that I need to do, for myself, as much as I can, to avoid conflicts such as this one, going forward.

No contact, for me, appears to be the only option I have to put an end to the controversy that has ruled my life for the last many decades.

I don’t want to be a Narcissist Magnet. It isn’t something that I, or anybody else, would choose for themselves. But, magnets we are, nonetheless.

I am about to do, what I know I need to do, to end this conflict. I am not happy about it, nor do I take any pride in my behavior, but it must end, and it must end, now.

I hear you,



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