This book came to life before it’s time

Now that I am aware that, through my naïveté, I have fallen prey to what is called a vanity press, Fulton Books. A vanity press is one who , while charging the author to publish the book, has little incentive once the book is released. At least, in my case anyway, but I'm quite sure I'm not alone.

I find myself a little ashamed but not defeated . I will, on my own, continue to promote my book. I have been using my blog to do so while adding clarity to quotes, within the book, where I once should have embellished, or where I should have spoken about Ellas feelings.

Since the publisher contacted me and asked me to submit a copy, on a Thursday, I was very surprised that following Monday that they would be publishing the book. In my mind, I came to the belief that the book, just as it was, was publishable.

I knew at that point that I could have done better but, I'm sure it won't surprise you to hear, the excitement took over.

I recognize, most importantly, that the thoughts and feelings in Ella's mind had never made its way to those pages and I believe that is fixable.

I will continue to, through the quotes , let Ella have a voice that speaks to who she is, as a person, what she thought and how she felt about the events and the people who were involved.

Ella is a bright lady with the ability to see through a persons actions and determine that something is not right. Through her mind, I will elaborate and introduce the personality disorders at play.

Perhaps it is not my best book but, it does provide, the perfect foundation within which I will work to expand upon Ellas thoughts and feelings.

This book came to life before it's time. I will have to chalk this up as another lesson learned along the way. Meanwhile, read my blogs, under the quotes category, and stay tuned for Ella's next dilema and/or mishap and learn, finally, what's going on inside her head.

As always, I hear you,


P.S. Please do not be discouraged by the title of the book as I suspect many are. There is very little dancing taking place. Thus the title Off the dance floor. The word Off is very important. Once again, do not judge the book by its cover.


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