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Updated: May 24

In my book, off the Dance Floor, you will find a character who is being referred to as ‘the father’. It is the simplest explanation for his role in his families lives at this particular point in time.

Specifically, in this book, he was absent except during moments of conflict or need. He believed that his role was to be available to his son. However, his younger daughter needed his attention at a time when he was consumed with a new relationship.

Because he was consumed, his attention was being paid to the new family he was establishing.

Rorie was still trying to accept and understand the divorce. She was showing an interest in the dance world perhaps to spend more time with her mother or maybe because her first experience with Tyler fell flat. Either way, she was doing rather well. This is something of which both parents should have been proud.

Rorie‘s competitions, however, competed between the fathers willingness to attend to his daughter and his desired need to attend to the desires of a new someone else.

As you read along, some more of his character will be spelled out and will reveal this conflict.

There will be more attention paid to this character in book #2. More about his behavior and the influence it carried on the family is yet to come.

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