Updated: May 24

I am a published Author and, yet, I can’t use text.

There is someone in my life that insists upon it. I write the text, choosing my words carefully, and, no matter what I say, or how I word it, I’m met with a tantrum.

I’m met with over 5 responses about

“you should….”

and “I shouldn’t….”

and “You don’t understand…..

“We should……”

”You will have to…..”

All of these phrases, in the end, mean “I am entitled”.

I’m entitled to say…

I’m entitled to think…

I’m entitled to get….

I’m entitled to tell you…

and “I insist….”

“I demand….”

”You said….”

I am not at all sure where this sense of entitlement comes from but I know it had nothing to do with me.

I’ve fought back. I‘ve responded politely from time to time. I have learned to say stop, to no avail. So,now, I just block that person until I find it necessary to tell her something. Or ask something.

Maybe it’s not the nicest solution but it’s the only one that gives me peace.

I will soon have a way to settle this dispute and I intend to do so, just to restore the peace. I suspect another issue will take its place but I will always know that I have tried, once again.

Managing this situation is my final battle. It’s the last battle at the very end of an amazingly long war.

The only way to win a battle is to not fight at all. For my nerd fans, resistance is futile.

I hear you,



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