Riddle me this…..?

More and more, every day, I wonder if being a Highly Sensitive Person has anything to do with also being a person with ADD, attention deficit disorder. Do I have attention deficit? When asking others, if they were to know my world well enough they would say that yes I do. Am I highly sensitive? Absolutely. Either the author of the book on Highly Sensitive people knew what she was talking about or she’s been reading my diary. So, yes.

It occurs to me, that being easily distracted may also be the result of having been overstimulated. I’m a little confused about whether I have both. I’m not at all sure how to find an answer.

My checkbook screams ADD but shutting down completely after being in the direct sunlight screams HSP.

What if I don’t try to do anything that requires focus after having been overstimulated? Since I’ve recently learned of both of these personality traits, it makes sense that what I have always considered as being exhaustingly overwhelming might not be what I once thought it was.

Every couple of months or so, I reach a point where I become so totally overwhelmed that my body totally shuts down on my behalf. That has been the story of my life. I’ve come to know it. I’ve learned to deal with it. I shared it with others when necessary. I have gone on with each day. But, I have never been able to assign that situation to anything else that was going on in my life.

Could it be that being overstimulated was the sensory reason behind shutting down? Could it be that the symptoms of distraction that define ADD are legitimate distractions fueled by being an HSP?

I have always been extremely forgetful. I second-guess my work constantly. I appear to procrastinate often. Or, at least, I display the symptoms of procrastination. I completely lose the ability to focus on anything specific.

Those reasons might explain why I was never able to succeed in Corporate America. Rather than trying to learn all of the symptoms about both of those disorders, perhaps, I begin to pay attention to when I’m distracted and what I’m doing while I’m distracted. Perhaps I assign the sensory reason to my distraction and, knowing that, pay attention to what I’m needing to focus on next.

In the business world, there is always something that must come next. But since I didn’t know that there were 2 different maladies at play, I would always continue to force myself to work on through the exhaustion and distraction. All my life. This might also explain the headache that I have had since the age of 26 that nobody can define for me. Every day.

I don’t know whether this all makes perfect sense or if I am totally way off base. I’m going to begin keeping a journal of situations such as this. Situations where I’m distracted in a sensory way but feel the need to focus on something.

Off I go to journal. I have a theory about the answer to this riddle. Let’s see if it becomes a fact.

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