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Updated: Jun 30

When asked what my book is about, I’ve often floundered to find the appropriate words. It is a fiction, no doubt. It, also, outlines the tangled web that has been my world for most of my life. Little by little, the book introduces the people who were important to me at that time.

The father came up early in the writing but his characteristics were not clearly defined. I’ll get to that later.

Taylor came second and his behavior is clearly demonstrated but not to the point where it defines him.

Rorie, Alexander and Paris were at the center of my attention, then. They held big places in my heart. I, truly, believed that I had finally found the place where I fit in.

There were several guest coaches among the mix. I didn’t have time to know them well enough to pass judgement.

Jean and the neighbors are bringing up the rear. I outlined their behavior as well as I could remember but they were intrusive.

Paris, however, clearly and repeatedly demonstrated behavior that was easily identified as non-neurotypical.

There are still about equally as many other people who haven’t been named yet.

These people controlled me. But the advice and redirection they gave me generally crossed someone else's string on the web and left me wondering even more.

In the end, it establishes the characters and the roles of the people involved in the Psychological Drama that has always existed in my world.

Maybe I’m approaching this from the wrong angle. Perhaps, Psychological Thriller is my new path? 🤔 Or, at least, somewhere in that ballpark.

I really want readers to get inside of the characters minds and hearts. I want them to feel my feelings the same way that I did. I’m not completely sure how to get there, but I’m starting to have ideas.

I want readers to believe me when I say that I hear them.

I hear you,



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