One Last Narcissist

Updated: May 24

I have, very recently, finally broken ties with the last N in my world. I’m living in a different world and am so very relieved. I knew what it was that was holding me back. I knew that this one last relationship was the parenthetical ball and chain.

Now, my immediate ties to the N in my life are relieved. I’m feeling so much lighter, so much happier.

However, there are still N in my family. People with whom I will occasionally have to spend time. At least it will just be a day, just an occasion. After everything I’ve pushed through, I know that I can sit still and be quiet and, through that, avoid my part in the melodrama that is sure to occur.

There is still one last financial obligation that is being forced upon me. If it were an argument with anybody else, I would not take this lightly. But somebodies sense of entitlement is relentless. I will square this up in order to no longer be bound.

I hear you,



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