Narcissist Magnet

Updated: May 2

I have used this phrase more times than I can count. I’ve always known it to be true about me but I never considered that someone else might share that same experience.

When I saw the book ‘The Human Magnet Syndrome’ by Ross Rosenberg I wondered if it might be something I should read but I just kept walking to keep up with the person with whom I was shopping. After all, the ‘Narcissist Magnet‘ was a phrase that I had just made up over time. Or so I believed.

I knew that many of the people in my world would fit that description. At least, in part. Months later, when I had decided to write my first book, I stumbled on the book again. I

perused it and thought that the two primary characters in my story would qualify as Narcissistic or Codependent.

I bought it knowing that I would certainly use it as a resource. While reading, I found myself reading about me. I identified with so very many characteristics of codependency.

I then understood my own role in the magnet theory. The person who I am, or was, is the perfect Narcissist prey.

In the final chapter of his book Dr Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed LCPC CADC mentions a life coach who covered the subject of Narcissistic abuse. I listened to a couple of her vlogs and then tried a meditation. All 3 of those sessions spoke directly to my heart. It was revealing and I knew I wanted to follow her. Her name is Lisa Romano and I believe there are a couple of other folks who have also mastered Narcissistic Abuse as well, including Ross Rosenberg.

I‘m still healing but I’m on the right path!


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