More thoughts than words

My mind moves rapidly through its own illogical path and it’s impossible to keep track. That’s true because I have more thoughts than I have words.

Writing my second book, I have come to several different decisions about what direction to take. I’m excited by each one and I always make the effort, but I never follow through. I can’t because while I’m beginning one piece of work another thought comes to mind. Even better than the first.

This must be what’s referred to as an overactive mind.

I envy the other people in my world who, having been given a penny for their thoughts, can say that they aren’t having any. They are wonderful company and, without intending so, highly frustrating at times.

I know that I have used those words before, but, I wonder if, the more times I say it, the more times I’ll start to understand it. What a peaceful world mine would be if this were my measurement of success.

There are still, far too many things going through my mind for me to be able to say that I could accomplish this. But, I like, now, having that as my goal!




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