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Updated: May 24

Having been returned to the dating world as long as 8 years ago, it has been an experience of a different nature, for me.

I have dated a few people who related to dancing through their own production of music. One man played guitar by the campfire, one understood all that was related to the rock music industry, and one man was a career musician.

Each time I thought, who knows, maybe we could dance. The guitar man turned out to be a no. We experimented in public, during country music with a triple rhythm swing. He was 2 inches shorter than I and, while I was able to compensate, he was not. I tried to convince him to try it again, but he was not swayed before the brief relationship ended.

The rock music man is still in my world and the dancing remains to be seen. ;)

The career musician outright refused as he recalled a negative experience with his last marriage. Oh, well.

From each of these men, though, I have learned that I hear music differently. These men heard the instruments, the division of the notes into 4 counts, the harmony and the melody. They identified voices that I could not discern and presented history that superseded the lyrics.

I, however, hear the music differently. On the most obvious level, as I learned with the career musician, was my counting to 8. ....5,6,7,8 and.... His strong and justified opinion was that there are only 4 counts per measure. I only ever knew them as eights.

At times we argued but, in the end, a playful volley of words presented itself and we had some fun with it.

Me, I hear the words. All the words and the emotional implications they are intended to represent. Through banter, I learned that the career musician could hear all of the individual instruments and pick out the glitches by which I was both amazed and impressed. I also learned that the bass guitar was what kept the music in time. I couldn't find that, though his mind was certainly intended to bring me there.

I don't hear any of those things. I hear a pleasant background to the words that had been written for the song originally. If a song is done well, my feelings are what I'm being prompted to feel from the ink of the person who constructed the song based on his/her own feelings. I feel the 'feel'.

I'm not saying that there is right or wrong. There is not. What I'm saying is that there is a difference between a musician and a dancer. The difference between the process and the thought.

This would have been the first separation for me. A place where what I felt had a feel.

I hear you,



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