I can do this!

Chapter 1 page 4

...I said "I can do this!"

And, he said "Yes, you can."

Ellas heart was light. She had come into this lesson wondering about so very many different things.

First of all, what exactly is social dance? Secondly, is she as good as she remembers herself as being especially after all these many years? Then, would she even like this lesson? Or this teacher?

It turns out, that all of those questions came with positive answers. Social dance was, basically, Ballroom and Latin dancing but, for the every day folk. That certainly seemed interesting.

She learned and executed three new dances during just this 30 minute lesson in itself . She knew she had this!

The lesson went very well and the instructor seemed to really know his business. She'd be back on Thursday, no doubt. She, then, wondered what a group class would look like. Time will tell.

Little did she know that this would be the beginning of a change in the direction of her life which would begin to affect her entire world from this day on.

As always, I hear you,


P.S. Please do not be discouraged by the title of the book which I suspect many are. There is very little dancing taking place. Thus the title Off the dance floor. The word Off is very important.

Do not judge the book by its cover. 😊


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