I am a Ballroom Dancer - Chapter 2

Updated: May 24

When one aspires to be a dancer the path will lay its own self down. First, I wanted to dance socially and started attending 1 group lesson each week and 1 private per month. Over time I was introduced to the option of competing. While I was toying with the idea, I increased my private lessons to twice per month. That path continued through various coaches until I stumbled on Skydance Ballroom.

There I was offered, again, the invitation to compete. I continued to toy with the idea. In the meantime, I was offered the opportunity to work as a part time receptionist, one evening per week. That grew, slowly, to full time reception work 6 nights a week. Having earned enough money to buy more lessons I bought as many as I could and then the idea of competing became much more realistic.

Dancing is an expensive path. I chose to compete in International Latin. Latin dresses were not cheap, nor affordable, nor tangible until the money meets the road.

At what point in this process did I earn the right to claim the title of Ballroom Dancer. At this stage of the book, I struggled with that subject. I knew I had wanted to dance, to be part of the Company and teach. I was doing the dancing, no doubt. I knew that I was going to continue in whatever opportunity would cross my path.

Perhaps I was a bit premature in stating that so soon. Maybe I should have said I'm going to be a ballroom dancer. Either way, I did not qualify to be a homeschool mom. I am proud of myself for having arrived at that conclusion because I knew that was what my future would now hold.

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