How many Narcissists = a magnet

Updated: May 24

I can count 17. Three are immediate family, 5 are from my maternal side, 3 friends, 1 spouse, 2 in-laws, 1 therapist, and 3 who I believe might have ASPD. (I’ll cover that in another blog)

I know that my count is a bit much and explains the title of Magnet. I feel like that gives me the right to question ‘the laugh’.

Though I have not studied formally, I do believe I have the right to decide who is ‘somewhere‘ on the spectrum.

All 3 of the people that I think, in my own humble opinion, are ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) have the laugh. Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe it’s not.

7 of the other people who, I believe, are on the higher end of the N scale have it also. 5 other people that I believe are lower on the N scale have the laugh but don’t use it as often.

That’s 15 people in my world. My theory is that they might be the overt Ns. The ones who we all see and we know that there is definitely something wrong but, because we can not name it, we call them assholes.

They are obviously all self absorbed. They are always right (even when they are wrong). They have an answer for everything. They are on center stage and they see the rest of the world as their privileged audience. They aren’t even trying to hide their flawed self.

The 2 who don‘t have the laugh are the people who surprised me the most. One of them was a friend for a really long time. Someone I always believed was controlling but, at the end of the relationship, I truly suspected would have been a N but had taken a dive right over N into self righteous indignation. Perhaps she was able to avoid the title of N because she knew that her friend was becoming deeply invested in learning more about NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

The last 1 caught me by surprise. I genuinely believed that he was a victim to one of the ASPDs on my list. Having written my book, I now understand that he was, in fact, on the N scale but was overshadowed by another persons ASPD. Again, I’m in no position to judge but ASPD IS N and then some. Again, I will cover that later.

To those of you who have identified the N in your life, that’s half the battle. Congratulations!! You’ve conquered the first battle. The war itself becomes making peace with the way your wrongfully twisted mind now works.

It’s been a decade since I first started to think about the word N. It was in 2020 that I learned all of the things that I will share here. Therefore, it’s been 2 years of seriously cleaning up the world around me by eliminating these people one at a time.

How many N = a Magnet? Let me know your count as it increases, because it will.

Im almost there, you will be too!!

I hear you,



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