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Updated: May 24

Codependents Anonymous

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Narcissistic Abuse Support Group

Codependents Anonymous is a great organization. It provides companionship for people who feel alone in the world.

It offers a 12 step program (adopted from AA) to give direction to those who have no idea where to begin.

It provides a forum to individuals who have never felt heard.

I invested 4 months into this program. I am on step 8. Making amends. I truly have no idea what I should regret and to whom I should make amends.

I also learned that people with addictions often fall into many other 12 step programs available. For me, that is ACoA. I will be heading that route next.

Im already enrolled in a Narcissistic Abuse Support Group online.

CoDA is designed for people who, at birth, were absent of the proper parenting that teaches people to progress successfully emotionally. I fall into that category.

I don’t remember much of my youth except detachment and indifference. In my mind, I believed that the confusion it caused was a normal part of the process. It is not.

I never felt like anyone loved me. I believed, as I grew, someone would learn to love me. I know now that they wouldn’t. They couldn’t love me until I learned to love myself.

I encourage anyone who identifies with these things to look into CoDA. I did. I tested myself against the symptoms. I owned 90% of them.

If you’ve ever thought something was wrong with you but you couldn’t identify a source; if you assume the role of caretaker whenever possible but then resent being taken for granted; if you don’t know how to say no; if the people in your world insist that you are ‘too ‘nice; or if you’re completely fed up but don’t know what should come next, check out CoDA.

Its all online now, thanks to COVID, and getting help couldn’t be easier. There are many meetings at different times all over the world.

I am no longer attending meetings for reasons I will get to in another blog so I have nothing to gain. And you have nothing to lose.

Now, I do feel obligated to say, ‘doing service’ which you will learn about early can often draw you in far deeper than you would like. But that is not a good reason to forfeit the assistance you have waited a lifetime to find.

You may find, if not CoDA, you will be connected with one or many other programs.

I really hate these issues and I hate that I need these programs to set my life straight. I didn’t ask for any of this. Nor did you. But, setting my life straight is what my books and my blogs are accomplishing for me.

My blogs here are available on smartphones. So you could get started with just a phone.

I’d like to believe that I am helping others to sort out their demons also.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment on this post and I will respond shortly.

Lets all get better TOGETHER!

I hear you,



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