Chapter 7 page 73

"Who is the hot blonde in the back?"

Ella was happy with that response because she knew that she was the hot blonde in the back. It was her. He was many miles away and the trip home was taking forever because of the weather.

Her first response was that he'd noticed her. In thinking on it later, she took joy in knowing that he was too far away to truly enjoy it.

He was sharing a room with another woman. He had asked Ella, ahead of time, if she thought that would be OK. Ella said "Sure. No problem." as a reflex, but, she had no regret.

She knew full well that the odds were highly in favor of the fact that he was being unfaithful. Now, she thought, he has someone better to come home to. But, then again, things between the two of them, recently, had been, once again, intense. There was a part of her who was hoping that maybe now he would have found someone else to return to instead. She thought about what a huge relief that would be, finally.

She loved her new hairdo and couldn't help but imagine what it would be like, now, to go back out into the world and find somebody better for herself. In this moment, she chose to do nothing. She sat back, relaxed, smiled, and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

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