Chapter 4, page 37

Updated: May 24

“I felt bad leaving so early on Sunday morning…..

This was a clue that everything was not as it appeared. It is an opportunity to examine Alexander’s behavior and how it affects the people around him.

Alexander seems to have an attitude about himself that gives him, in his own mind, the right to be with anyone he chose, whenever he chose.

It becomes possible to believe that he might just have the grandiose sense of self which is common among Narcissist’s. Especially those who have acheived a role of success in a public forum.

Having become a national dance champion might elevate his status, especially in his own head, to a place where he is above and beyond all of the other members of his dance environment.

In this case, where Paris was his dance partner, business partner and life partner he might be opting to put all of those things aside, things which, from the outside looking in, are valuable relationships; personally, financially, accurately.

Ella, being the receptionist, has decided that she is going to leave the time variance to itself. It can’t be known, in that moment, where he spent the additional 6 hours between 4:00 and 10:00.

This, however, is the first red flag.

I hear you!



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