Auditory Processing Disability

I know that I’ve already spoken about being highly sensitive. And I know that I’ve mentioned that being out and about under direct sunlight is overwhelming for me. I believe that my first and only recent migraine started with a time during which my eyes had just plain had enough.

Recently I’ve learned that another part of being highly sensitive is an auditory processing disability. Let me speak first about how this, on a personal level, directly affects me. Anytime when I’m in a large crowd of people, I know that I have difficulty hearing. I’ve had my ears checked a few times which lead to learning that my hearing was perfect.

I know that I cannot differentiate 2 sounds, one from another. I will very often ask for someone to please repeat what has just been said to me.

That works when conversations are one on one.

When there is a group of people, I choose to tell them that I’m hard of hearing so they will understand why I don’t hear everything they may have said.

Once I reach a point where I become exhausted by trying to juggle all of these sounds, it appears, to others, that I have gone into a fog because my mind is overwhelmed with all of the things that I know I should have heard and, yet, all of the things that I have heard but heard them out of context. It’s complicated.

The best example I can use is something I learned when I was dating a career musician. We would listen to music together and he could pick out each and every individual instrument and know which one was the instrument that was off key even if only by a little. I was very amazed by that. I didn’t think that anybody could do that.

Overtime I learned, there are a lot of people who can do that especially a career musician. But through conversations between the two of us I wanted to make it clear to him that I can’t hear each instrument. All I can hear is the fluidity of all of the sounds having already completely blended together. And the words. The words are what reaches my ears.

At the time, I didn’t even question it. I just wrote it off as two different people having two different experiences with two different aspects of music. It wasn’t until recently, while reading my book on being highly sensitive that I discovered that the reason I can’t hear what he heard is because of my high sensitivity. An auditory processing disability comes with being highly sensitive.

Having looked this up online for validation or a different or may be better description. I found that I was able to relate to everything that was being said. Both, in the book and on the computer screen.

Auditoty Processing Disorder is described as;

“A disorder affecting the ability to understand speech. Currently, there's no known definite cause of auditory processing disorder. It may be linked to ear infections, premature birth, or head trauma.

There are five basic auditory processing disorder types, and some people may experience more than one type. These include hypersensitivity, decoding, integration, prosodic, and organizational deficit.”

For more information, please visit

Please notice that hypersensitivity is the first reason listed. I don’t know that I have any of the other four disorders, but here might be a good place for me to dig a little deeper.

I hear you,



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