Anyone can substantiate anything

Updated: May 19

After my little bit of anger on Monday, I find myself in a much more diplomatic space today.

It’s true, anyone CAN substantiate anything. If a person is speaking untruths, they most definitely can, and will.

When a person is speaking their own truth, that isn't necessary. When a person is assigned a label which has been proven, time and again, in the mental health community, there is no need.

When that person cites the appropriate literature as, in time, references to such information might become necessary, there’s nothing to prove.

Narcissist Magnet is that exactly. I didn’t make it up. It is referenced by Dr Ross Rosenberg M.ed, LCPC, CADC, CSAT who uses it as the title of his book which, at the time I made my purchase, sold over 100,000 copies in 7 different languages.

I don’t feel it to be necessary to list all of my other resources but Lisa Romano has been chosen as the Most Influential Person for the year 2021. I could go on, but I won’t.

Yes, it is real, they are all Narcissists and nobody is stretching any truths.

After several decades of not having a name for my reality, it is only natural to want to share my new truth, often.

I hold no grudges because I know that the people who believe that I am wrong have no experience with Narcissists in their own world and I wouldn’t consider changing that, ever.

All I can say now is bear with me. Each blog that I write brings me one step closer to defining my truth. I won’t stop until then.

To my fellow magnets, not being believed is extremely frustrating and I’m riding that wave with you.

Word is beginning to spread within the Narcissistic Abuse community. It is only time before who we are and what we’ve been through becomes common knowledge.

In the meantime, please remember that I’m here with you.

I hear you!


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