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I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated with the thought of some sort of an afterlife. My thought is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, then, where does the energy, even though on some days it seems there isn’t much energy to be spared,, but, where does the energy go from my body when my body dies

There would, then, have to be some sort of afterlife. I’m just not exactly sure what that afterlife entails.

I believe that my energy still remains but, then I question, remains, in what form? This would mean, though, that there are definitely spirits or, at least, the energies of the people who have traveled along similar life paths as my own.

I’m not going to claim to have a connection with these spirits and/or energies. But, I will say that, throughout my life, as I’m gaining life experience, I have had moments.

The most phenomenal moment would be the day that I heard ‘write a book’. It was loud and clear and in a masculine voice. What the ‘voice’ intended is obviously clearly stated and so I have done just that, written a book.

Who’s voice was it that I heard? I, like anyone else, could go through a very long list of men in my world who are no longer walking among the living. I could pose the same question with anyone of them.

Who, on May 20th of 2020, heard the thoughts circulating in my mind at that particular moment and said exactly what I had needed to hear.

There in lies the ultimate question. Who?

I’ve heard a nephew of mine, at a time when I had finished planning an event in his name, as I was lying down for the night, say ‘thank you’ in my ear.

I’ve heard the father of someone who was very close to me, at that time, connect with me. When I heard a song that, in my own heart, referred to the living person, who was only a seat away from me, I heard laughter. So much so that it made me laugh as well. I also heard, I’m proud.

I shared these moments with the person for whom those words were meant, only to be met with disbelief. No surprise because I know I wouldn’t have believed me either. But, I know just how real it truly was.

There have been a couple of other moments such as these when I knew who it was that was speaking to me. This time, though, ‘write a book’ had not any one person with whom to identify.

I will never know, I suppose. All I can do now, is to be grateful for having been pointed in this direction. True, or imagined, it was good advice.

I hear you,



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