All my life

Updated: May 24

All of my life and the events of such have always been my own little secret. I'm beginning to realize that it no longer needs to be that way.

It was only two years ago that I started sorting out the first and ultimately the biggest event of my life. That event was the precursor to everything that happened henceforth.

My first thought at that time was that this would be a good reason to write a book. I believe I have done just that. I have written a book about the sequence of events that brought me to my ultimate turning point.

I have also been waiting all my life to meet someone who falls into a different category than those now being examined. My true love. That is what I perceive to be my final hurdle.

So then, let us let this be the launching point from whIch I begin to unravel the riddle that is me.

I hear you,



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