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While reading and writing may seem like solitary acts, both become so much richer when one is immersed in an active community. That’s why I founded deMichelle: to provide a meeting place for my fellow Narcissist Magnets.

To those who are just learning about who they are and how they got here; Welcome to the Narcissist Magnet website. 

We are here to read and share , (if one is so inclined) about our experiences overcoming Narcissist Abuse. 

We are here to politely comment on posts and gracefully interject our own theories and processes. 

We are here to discuss where we all are in the healing process and what that feels like to each of us.

Having read the book ‘The Human Magnet Syndrome by Dr Ross Rosenberg M.Ed, and listening to the blogs of Lisa Romano, I understand much more about what I have gone through.  I would encourage everyone to read, listen to and absorb the knowledge that they share with us.

Here I would like to address the pains associated with living with a Narcissist.

I’m sure I will add to this list as time progresses.

Thank you for visiting deMichelle and thank you, if you should so choose, for sharing the stories from a difficult time in all of our lives.

Finally, the behaviors of Narcissists, over time, become a bit comical for the inconsistencies  and nonsensical behaviors. Let’s have a TASTEFUL bit of fun with that. We all deserve to laugh and smile which we have lived without for a long time.

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off the Dance Floor

the First heat A PSYCHOLOGICAL DRAMA This book came to life before it’s time

Join Ella on the first rung of the Ballroom, Latin and Night Club ladder and follow her on her journey to the place of her dreams. Since childhood, Ella was convinced that she would someday teach dance in a classroom of her own. 

The first person journal from which this plot was drawn focuses on that middle-aged dancer trying to make a name for herself. Someone who believed dance was their calling. Someone who was called to the dance floor in a variety of ways. 

Along with the steps In her journey, the author of the journal, at times, made mention of the reactions and behaviors of others in that studio. Herein lies the Psychological Drama that wound its way into Ellas world. 

Ella appears to have been dumbfounded and speechless in response to these characters, who they are and how they choose to conduct their own lifestyles. 

This experience moved this dancer to a place where she began to examine the rest of the people in her circle which then unraveled a spider web of personality disorders that had taught her not to trust herself or her own thoughts; to question her own feelings and to not believe in herself.

Beyond this book, Ella continues to shed light onto who she was and how she evolved in the second book in this series. 

Release TBD.

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